'Beyond the Wall VR': In the footsteps of migrants

The film is a virtual reality documentary made with 360 cameras and was shot in Central America right after the election of U.S. President Trump.
'Beyond the Wall' gives the audience an experience of presense and empathy in one of the biggest migration crisis' in the World.

The film has been showcased on various film festivals and is used as educational material in collaboration with the Danish Broadcasting Association (DR).
Made in collaboration with the 3 x Oscar nominated studio RYOT (US).

How to watch VR?

Desktop: Watch the video in the YouTube player and use your mouse to look around.
Mobile: Your mobile might me able to show the video in 360 here. Otherwise, click here to open in YouTube.
VR Goggles: 'Beyond the Wall' is available on almost every VR-movie platform incl. Samsung VR, Playstation VR and Littlstar.